Tuesday, September 29, 2009

:) :) :)

Looking back there are times in life where all you feel is the weight of the world crashing down on you and you feel like all you have to say is a cold goodbye but just try to look past the darkness and into the light. You may ask yourself how you got to where you were but remember you were not always here or there so there is a way out. Directions are meant to be be reversed there is a back, forward, side to side, up and down. Most of the time we choose our own path to take but sometimes it is forced upon us. WE still have the ability to change our direction. DO NOT run away. Things may not go as planned but plan big, it could be a gamble but go ahead and roll the dice. Promise not to mind if you go YOUR own way. Promise not to lie.

You'll find that everyone no matter the circumstance wants a charm and a smile in a promise. Give it to them it will make them feel alright and chances are you wouldn't mind the same in return. All the things that you have seen will slowly fade away, but don't look back in anger or regret.

Smile like you mean it. Be friends with everyone who deserves one. Be nice. Be mean, but apologize after. Be safe. Be reckless.

but most of all....remember to LIVE